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The government is under growing pressure to end a decades-long exemption for ultra-Orthodox Jews.

For generations, ultra-Orthodox Jewish Israelis have been exempt from military service. But a court order could soon change that.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has filed a last-minute application to the Supreme Court for a ruling to be deferred for 30 days. And the controversy isn’t going anywhere.

Israel’s war on Gaza is fuelling a sense of urgency and anger among Israelis required to sign up.

So how much of a threat does this pose to Netanyahu’s coalition?

And would his government survive the fallout from such a change of policy?

Presenter: James Bays


Efraim Inbar – President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security

Yossi Mekelberg – Associate fellow at Chatham House specialising in Israeli and Middle East politics

Meron Rapoport – Editor of Hebrew-language news site Local Call

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