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In Indore, the police found 7 kg 695 grams of brown sugar (heroin drug) during regular checking yesterday in the Pardesipura Police Station area. They were taken into custody for questioning and booked under NDPS Act. 

Madhya Pradesh: Abhinay Vishwakarma, DCP Zone 2, Indore says, “During the regular checking yesterday in the Pardesipura Police Station area in Zone 2, we received information of some suspicious people trying to transport something. During the checking, those people were caught and interrogated. They had a very heavy weapon with them. The quantity of illegal drugs found was 7 kg 695 grams of brown sugar. It was seized from them. We took them into custody for questioning. During the questioning, no record of anything was found about them. Later, we booked them under the NDPS Act. A case has been registered, further investigation is underway.”

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