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9 Pirates Being Brought To India

The Indian Navy successfully rescued an Iranian fishing vessel, Al-Kambar, and its 23-member Pakistani crew in an anti-piracy operation at sea. The operation, which lasted more than 12 hours, resulted in the surrender of nine pirates. According to a statement from the Navy’s spokesperson, the surrendered pirates are being brought to India for further legal action under the Maritime Anti-Piracy Act, 2022.

The Navy’s specialist teams have completed sanitisation and seaworthiness checks of the fishing vessel Al-Kambar. Additionally, the crew, consisting of 23 Pakistani nationals, underwent thorough medical checkups before being cleared to continue their fishing activities.

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“The crew comprising 23 Pakistani nationals were given a thorough medical checkup prior to clearing the boat to continue with her fishing activities,” the Navy stated.

Indian Navy Rescues Hijacked Iranian Fishing Vessel, Pirates Surrender

INS Sumedha intercepted the hijacked vessel during the early hours of Friday, subsequently joined by the guided missile frigate INS Trishul. After employing intense coercive tactical measures as per standard operating procedures, the pirates on board were compelled to surrender.

The fishing vessel was located approximately 90 nautical miles southwest of Socotra when it was intercepted by the Indian Navy.

The Socotra Archipelago, situated in the northwest Indian Ocean near the Gulf of Aden, was the location where the hijacked vessel was intercepted.

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