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New Delhi: Amid reports of several Indian nationals stuck in Cambodia after being enticed with job prospects but allegedly coerced into engaging in illegal cyber activities, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) stated on Saturday that the Union government is actively collaborating with Cambodian authorities, resulting in the “rescue and repatriation” of around 250 people.

Of these 250 individuals, 75 were repatriated within the last three months, as stated by the MEA in a statement.

“We have seen media reports on Indian nationals stuck in Cambodia. Our Embassy in Cambodia has been promptly responding to complaints from Indian nationals who were lured with employment opportunities to that country but were forced to undertake illegal cyber work,” stated the MEA.

MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal, quoted in the statement, emphasised the close collaboration with Cambodian authorities leading to the rescue and repatriation of these individuals.

“Collaborating closely with Cambodian authorities, it has rescued and repatriated about 250 Indians, of which 75 in just the last three months,” Jaiswal was quoted as saying in the statement.

Several advisories have been issued by both the ministry and the Embassy of India in Cambodia to caution Indian nationals regarding such fraudulent schemes, the statement added.

In response to media inquiries, the MEA issued the statement, affirming its commitment to assisting Indian nationals in Cambodia. Jaiswal reiterated the collaborative efforts with Cambodian authorities and Indian agencies to dismantle the networks responsible for these deceptive operations.

“We remain committed to helping all those Indian nationals in Cambodia who seek our support. We are also working with Cambodian authorities and with agencies in India to crack down on those responsible for these fraudulent schemes,” the statement said.

In the past year, similar scams targeting Indian nationals have been detected in Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. Indian authorities facilitated the return of numerous Indians who had been ensnared in these countries.

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