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HUALIEN COUNTY, Taiwan – The strongest earthquake in nearly a quarter of a century was captured on camera as it viciously shook the eastern coast of Taiwan on Wednesday.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the magnitude 7.4 quake hit just before 8 a.m. (just before 8 p.m. ET Tuesday) about 11 miles to the south-southwest of Hualien City. It was followed about 15 minutes later by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake about 7 miles northeast of Hualien City.

Public camera footage shows the earthquake shaking Liyu Lake in Hualien County as the island in the western Pacific was also hit by several landslides, affecting one of the less populated regions.  Several people have been killed, and hundreds more were injured.


Officials in various regions around the island issued warnings of a possible tsunami. The Japan Meteorological Agency reported tsunami waves of about a foot were reported on the coast of Yonaguni Island to the east of Tawain after the earthquake struck. The agency said other tsunami waves were reported on the Ishigaki and Miyako islands, but were smaller.

Tsunami Warnings were lifted after the initial threat was over.

Video from the island showed buildings that collapsed due to the extensive shaking and rescue operations underway to find victims. The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense has been deployed to the hardest hit areas for aid.


Wednesday’s earthquake was the strongest in nearly 25 years when a magnitude 7.6 earthquake killed more than 2,400 people in 1999 and destroyed thousands of buildings.

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