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BROOKINGS, Ore. — Severe weather is usually not much of a concern along the coastal Pacific Northwest, but thunderstorms off the Oregon coast Wednesday advanced to the next level when they spawned a large waterspout.

This video was captured by Ilyse Sheppard, who said it shows the waterspout as seen from Brookings, as it moved toward Cape Ferrelo, according to Storyful.

It doesn’t appear from the video that the waterspout ever made it onshore, harmlessly swirling some distance off the beach.

Waterspouts, in most cases, are simply tornadoes that form over water. Waterspouts that do make landfall are normally a lot weaker than tornadoes, produce little or no damage and quickly dissipate.


No Tornado Warning was needed for this storm, though the National Weather Service did issue a Special Marine Weather Statement alerting boaters to the strong cell and possible waterspout.

While waterspouts don’t count in the tally, Oregon averages about three tornadoes a year somewhere in the state. The mild, marine climate makes it difficult for severe weather to flourish.

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