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K-pop girl group Candy Shop poses during a press event held to mark its debut at Ilchi Art Hall, Gangnam District, Seoul, Wednesday. Yonhap

By Pyo Kyung-min

Candy Shop, the latest girl group by Brave Entertainment, agency behind the success of girl group Brave Girls, made its debut Wednesday.

Backed by the unwavering support of composer Brave Brothers, all eyes are on the quartet as it aims to carve a niche for itself in the industry.

The label, led by the renowned composer, is known for producing chart-topping hits for iconic girl groups such as Brown Eyed Girls, After School, Sistar and AOA.

The agency experienced an unexpected resurgence in 2021 with its 2011 girl group, Brave Girls, whose track “Rollin'” (2017) made an unexpected comeback on music charts, and the unforeseen success story set the stage for heightened anticipation around the agency’s new girl group after a 13-year hiatus.

In response to the anticipation, Candy Shop — comprising of members Soram, Yuina, Sui and Sarang — finally unveiled its debut album, “Hashtag#,” Wednesday. The group’s name, representing the youthful energy of candy coming from the phrase “catch and draw youth,” coupled with the word shop, reflects its mission to capture and express the vibrancy of youth.

“Hashtag#” symbolizes the group’s aspiration “to resonate with contemporary trends and foster vibrant communication with its fans through music,” the agency said in a statement.

Written by Brave Brothers himself, the album’s lead single, “Good Girl,” features an infectious melody and compelling hooks, showcasing the composer’s signature style.

The agency added that the song “authentically captures the essence and the lifestyles of today’s youth through its straightforward lyrics.”

The debut album comprises four further tracks, including the energetic opener, “Hashtag#,” the anthem of authenticity, “No Fake,” and the group-defining track, “Candy#.”

“We are committed to showcasing the diverse talents of Candy Shop, akin to the varied flavors of candies,” the agency said, expressing pride in the group and its members. “We urge you to focus on the debut of these individuals, featuring music and performances tailored to the tastes of today’s youth.”

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