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On her social media, Lee Yoon-jin said, “My posts are based on facts and evidence.” / Captured from Lee’s social media

After 14 years of marriage, actor Lee Beom-soo and interpreter Lee Yoon-jin are moving to divorce, each citing differing reasons for the split. Lee Yoon-jin has accused Lee Beom-soo of leading a double life and said she faced verbal abuse from her mother-in-law, adding that she has been kept in the dark about her children’s whereabouts.

She has voiced her frustrations over being uninformed about her children’s whereabouts and the lack of progress in their divorce discussions.

“It’s been almost 10 months of avoiding agreed separation, ignoring consensual divorce and failing to establish divorce mediation,” Lee Yoon-jin said, reflecting on her initial decision to marry despite being advised against it.

Lee Beom-soo’s agency conveyed his apologies for the distress caused by these private issues.

“We will not respond to every post that Lee Yoon-jin publishes on social media but will address and counter her claims within the lawsuit she initiated,” the agency said. “Many details she shared on social media differ from the facts.”

Lee Yoon-jin announced on her social media that she had been contacted by the actor’s attorney, who relayed a message suggesting a retraction of her statements for reconsideration.

She said, “My posts are based on facts and evidence. I cannot deny the truth. I will resolve this quietly in court with evidence.”

Actor Lee Beom-Soo's Agency Said It Will Address Lee Yoon-Jin's Claims Within The Lawsuit Proceedings. Courtesy Of Big Punch Entertainment

Actor Lee Beom-soo’s agency said it will address Lee Yoon-jin’s claims within the lawsuit proceedings. Courtesy of Big Punch Entertainment

She countered a news article speculating on their divorce reasons, hinting at deeper issues within the marriage related to dignity and perspectives on intimacy.

As the divorce proceedings advance, both parties are preparing to present their cases in court. Lee Yoon-jin’s determination to stand by her claims indicates a legal battle ahead that may shed further light on the private lives of these public figures.

This article by Lee Soo-kyung from the Hankook Ilbo, a sister publication of The Korea Times, was translated by generative AI and edited by staff members of The Korea Times.

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