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Actress Han So-hee’s Instagram post addressing rumors and negative comments about her, including mentions of Hyeri, is sparking new controversy. Courtesy of JTBC

Actress Han So-hee posted and then swiftly deleted a social media post concerning Hyeri, related to rumors of relationship hopping and negative comments surrounding her, hinting at another round of controversy.

Han posted a lengthy statement on her social media, only to delete it shortly after, but the message had already spread online.

In her now-deleted post, Han expressed her exhaustion with speculations from people, recounting her encounter with actor Ryu Jun-yeol.

She said their first meeting occurred at a photography exhibition in November 2023, following Ryu’s separation from Hyeri, debunking rumors concerning the timeline of their relationship.

Han added that Ryu and Hyeri indeed separated last year. Referencing Hyeri’s earlier statement that “After the article about ending our relationship came out last November, [Ryu and I] talked about having more discussions,” Han contended. “I’m not the party involved so I can’t go into detail, but it wasn’t to meet for reconciliation.”

Furthermore, she said, “If this is a lie, feel free to release a counter-article, or I’d appreciate it if [Hyeri], whom I’ve tried to reach from all directions to no avail, could also reach out to me.”

Singer And Actress Hyeri / Courtesy Of Creative Group Ing

Singer and actress Hyeri / Courtesy of Creative Group ING

Han’s frustration was palpable as she questioned, “What was so ‘interesting’ about a former lover getting a girlfriend?” implying Hyeri’s previous reaction to her relationship with Ryu.

Hyeri’s cryptic single-word post on March 15 saying “Interesting” drew keen attention amid the initial rumors of Ryu’s new romance with Han.

In response, Han also explained the background of her meeting with Ryu. “I’m tired of further baseless speculation,” Han said, “I met this person while seeking my life’s direction.”

“Unlike my immature days, I realized looks aren’t everything, and this person helped curb my reckless behavior, making me feel healthier.”

The background to this dispute stems from dating rumors between Han and Ryu, which they confirmed following initial denials.

Amid the unfolding drama, Hyeri’s social media activity sparked further speculation, leading to accusations of “relationship hopping” against Han. Both Han and Hyeri issued apologies, while Ryu has remained silent on the matter.

Han and Ryu’s sides have said they will take strong action against malicious comments.

This article by Woo Da-bin from the Hankook Ilbo, a sister publication of The Korea Times, was translated by generative AI and edited by staff members of The Korea Times.

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