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Actor Go Hyun-jung’s posts a photo of her study filled with books on her Instagram. Captured from Go’s Instagram

By Park Jin-hai

The days when stars maintained an air of mystery through a strategy of seclusion are now gone, as top actors like Go Hyun-jung and Lee Young-ae, who had previously kept their private lives out of the public eye, have begun to engage with fans through social media.

Go, a 53-year-old who seldom makes appearances on television entertainment shows or engaged in activities outside of her work since her debut in 1989, launched a personal Instagram account last Sunday.

She posted a photo of her study filled with books and wrote, “I’m starting Instagram. I’m embarrassed. I think I’ll regret it. It’s too difficult for me.” The following day, Go uploaded her second post, showcasing her bed and books. “I know it’s late, but I’m curious. Do you think this kind of photo is OK?” she wrote in the caption. Her third, posted on Tuesday, showed her simple homemade dinner — rice with fried egg and soy sauce.

With only three posts uploaded, her account quickly drew attention, amassing nearly 110,000 followers in just three days.

Debuting in 1989 through the Miss Korea beauty pageant, she swiftly rose to prominence as a top actress, starring in acclaimed dramas such as “Eyes of Dawn” (1991) and “Sandglass” (1995). However, following her marriage to now Shinsegae Group Chairman and ex-husband Chung Yong-jin in 1995, her private life became shrouded in mystery.

As a result, talk shows featuring Go have always garnered a lot of attention. Recently, she appeared on singer-songwriter Jung Jae-hyung’s YouTube channel “Fairy Jaehyung,” and the video featuring her gained over 5 million views. In an interview with Vogue, the actor said, “This was the first time I experienced such a direct response to me. I was so grateful for all those kind words from people that I almost cried.”

Lee Young-Ae Talks About Her Daily Routines In Vlog Posted On Vogue Korea's Youtube Channel.  Captured From Vogue Korea's Youtube

Lee Young-ae talks about her daily routines in vlog posted on Vogue Korea’s YouTube channel. Captured from Vogue Korea’s YouTube

Similarly, Lee Young-ae also provided a rare glimpse into her daily life through Vogue Korea’s YouTube channel.

In the vlog, uploaded on March 13, the 53-year-old actor shared her experience during her visit to Milan for a fashion event. Lee discussed her thoughts on the city, her favorite places to visit, and her daily routines. She said, “In the morning, I drink warm water and have steamed tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, and broccoli. I often eat them simply with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for health.”

She also expressed her joy at being liberated from the burden of childcare while in Milan, saying, “It’s so good to be alone.”

Although it wasn’t on her private social media channel, fans welcomed the rare video and appreciated the actress reaching out to them on social media, as she has been perceived as maintaining a strict boundary between her public and private life up to this point.

Her video clip garnered 260,000 views in two weeks.

“Oh my!! I can’t believe I’m watching a Lee Young-ae vlog!” one fan left a comment on the channel, while another also wrote, “This is so much fun. You should have been vlogging 10 years ago. You talk so well. Why did you stay at home?”

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