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Actress Song Ha-yoon, recently beloved for her riveting villainous role in the hit tvN drama ‘Marry My Husband.’ Yonhap

Actress Song Ha-yoon firmly denied allegations of school violence, with her agency, KingKong by Starship, categorically refuting claims of her involvement in any such incidents.

Following accusations of school violence against the actress brought to light by a report on JTBC’s news program, her agency quickly reacted to deny the allegations on Monday.

The agency said it sought to clarify the situation directly with the informant, proposing a meeting for a detailed discussion, but their attempts were met with refusal.

“Upon receiving the initial report, we immediately contacted the informant to verify the facts. Despite our request for a detailed discussion through messenger, the informant expressed a refusal to proceed, and further attempts to communicate were unanswered,” the agency said. “The actress confirmed that she has no knowledge of the informant and that the allegations are entirely untrue.” 

The controversy emerged from an episode of JTBC’s news program where an unidentified individual accused an actress, only identified as “A,” of “unprovoked assault” during their high school years, a claim that also suggested the incident led to the actress’s school transfer.

The informant claimed to have been beaten for an hour and a half in high school, without understanding why, and couldn’t resist because the actress’s boyfriend was a known bully.

Following the report, speculation emerged that actress “A” is Song Ha-yoon, recently beloved for her villainous role in the hit tvN drama “Marry My Husband.” This led to a flurry of comments on her social media, urging her to address the allegations.

Song’s agency expressed concern over the spread of speculation and rumors, urging restraint and caution in the dissemination of unverified information. 


This article by Woo Da-bin from the Hankook Ilbo, a sister publication of The Korea Times, was assisted by generative AI and edited by The Korea Times.










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