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ARLINGTON — Love and Caring for People LLC remains under criminal investigation by Arlington Police. Adult Protective Services from the Department of Family and Protective Services is looking into the business as well. 

A state report from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) reveals that Regla “Su” Becquer’s home-based healthcare venture failed to meet health and safety standards. Twelve pages reveal four patients were in Becquer’s 1210 Woodbrook Steet, which does not have an assisted living facility license.

Arlington had no record of Love and Caring for People LLC, which had applied to be a home-based business.

Becquer has been in the Tarrant County jail since February 15th, being held on a $750,000 bond, facing a charge of abandoning/endangering an individual with imminent danger, bodily injury.

The 53-year-old victim, according to Arlington Police, is immobile with cerebral palsy and can only move her arms. The woman said she would have to lay soiled for days. Emergency responders said the victim slit her wrists to get crews to the home to rescue her.

The redacted report from DHHS talks about a female victim at the same address making the same complaints. The report said a woman told investigators she was waterboarded with water and beer poured down her throat. 

She also told investigators she was hit, kicked, and had pills forced down her throat, too. 

DHHS officials have not specified the possible penalties for the violations. The report did not mention the other four homes Becquer ran that are under investigation by the Arlington Police Department. Officials said they would provide answers in the coming days.

“She looked like a very nice lady when we saw her,” Anna said.

At Anna’s request to protect herself, CBS News Texas is only using her first name. Anna’s brother-in-law was housed at Becquer’s Fossil Creek residence.

The 72-year-old is mentioned in search warrants by police as a man with a falling problem who mysteriously got syphilis and had his debit card abused while staying at one of Becquer’s homes.

Anna said a nursing home police mentioned in their search warrant suggested Loving and Caring for People LLC. It was the only recommendation the family received, she said.

For insurance reasons, the elderly man could no longer stay at the facility. Anna said he had lived independently after staying with her and his brother for almost 20 years.

But within the first week of living in what police describe as ‘bed and boards,’ Anna said her brother-in-law started calling them.

“Somebody is bothering me,”  Anna recalled. “They’re trying to poison me.”

According to Anna, visits to the Fossil Creek home proved clean. But her brother-in-law was groggy and started to age in a short time.

“He lost a lot of weight and he looked like a very very sick old person,” she said.

Anna said they removed him from a place, especially after a hospice called asking about funeral arrangements.

She said he’d stayed under Becquer’s care for two weeks. Anna acknowledged her brother-in-law had been dealing with dementia, but they believed his repeated words about being sick.

They took him to the doctor, where the STD got discovered; she said the physician said nothing of poison.

More stories from his stay came out, but Becquer faces no criminal charges.

Anna said her brother-in-law came home missing clothes and a gold ring.

Police say his debit card was being used without authorization.

Small increments, Anna said, kept hitting his bank account from Arlington, California, and another state. But her brother-in-law won’t talk about it.

“He says I can’t remember,” Anna said. “My brain is hurting.”

Arlington police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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