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Golf Pride is celebrating the staging of this year’s Masters Tournament at Augusta National with the unveiling of its 2024 Honorary Starter grip, a commemorative version of the MCC Plus4 grip that is available through select retailers from April 8.

Golf Pride has a long and storied history of success in Augusta, with its first victory by a player using its grips coming in the 1967 tournament. Over the last 56 years, Golf Pride grips has been used by 43 champions, including an unprecedented run of 17 consecutive victories between 1987-2003.

Golf Pride’s MCC collection is the most widely used golf grip in the world. This is true at the amateur level, as well as all professional tours across the globe. In fact, MCC will be trusted by many of the players competing in the 2024 tournament. Golf Pride expects to be in the hands of at least 80% of the field in Augusta, with MCC representing 30% of those players.

As such, Honorary Starter grip is designed to evoke the prestige, lore and mystique of the tournament and pays homage to the success of both Golf Pride and MCC over the years in Augusta. As with all MCC Plus4 models, it is a hybrid golf grip designed with a larger lower hand section that simulates four additional wraps of tape to encourage lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased speed.

“The first major championship of the season is here and we are proud to have been trusted by the hands of so many past champions in the event’s storied history,” says James Ledford, President of Golf Pride. “The legends who have chosen our grips over the past 60 years are a testament to the innovation, quality and longevity of our brand. The Honorary Starter pays tribute to the past while utilising the modern technology that has made Golf Pride the most recognisable grip brand in the world.”

The 2024 limited edition design will be available in standard and midsize options.

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