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‘I think it’s just going to continue growing,’ says Plus Five official of ambitious plans for company that recently relocated to Orillia

An Orillia motorcycle clothing line distributor is growing by selling GryphonMoto products to dealers and individual customers across North America.

Plus Five was started by Gary Cuzner and his wife, Jenny, in their Toronto home in January 2020. When the business grew to need a warehouse in 2021, they moved it to Orillia at 3 Royce Ave., Unit 5, to be close to family, explains Melissa Dvorak, vice-president of marketing.

“It wasn’t wonderful timing,” Dvorak said. “COVID came a couple of months later, but we pushed through and are still going strong.”

Dvorak, the daughter of Cuzner, operates the business with her father, her stepmother, and her husband, Mark.

“People love that we are a family business,” she said. “My father has always worked in the motorcycle industry and knows his stuff. I think it shows in the products.”

The family aspect of the business is what separates Plus Five from its competition, Dvorak says.

“We offer a personal touch to both our dealers and direct customers,” she said. “We will help you every step of the way. If you go on our website and use the chat, it’s literally us who answer your questions. We want you to have the best fit possible and the right style.”

She says the GryphonMoto products are designed for street and adventure riders.

“We have stuff for the everyday commute-to-work type of rider,” she said. “We also have products for the off-road adventure and sport touring rider.”

Dvorak says Plus Five strives to allow motorcycle riders the opportunity to afford “top-quality” gear.

“We don’t want someone to go without being protected because of a price point not being in their budget,” she said. “All of our jackets and pants have the top level of protection you can get.”

While the business is thriving, Dvorak says the company is working hard to get its name recognized by more riders.

“We sell to dealers all across Canada and the U.S. It’s a lot of ground to cover, but it’s doing well, and I think we are getting there,” she said.

Orillia has served as a great home base for Plus Five.

“We have some local dealers close by,” Dvorak said. “We have our products available in Orillia Motorsports. It’s nice to be so close to everything.”

She says the motorsports industry has become more popular over the past few years among people looking for a new sport.

“I think it’s just going to continue growing,” she said. “It gives you the freedom of the road and gives you a different experience and feel that a car can’t give you.”

Plus Five is on the right path to continue growing in the industry, she says.

“We hope to become as big as we can. We know it’s a good product and we want to get the name out there while maintaining the core values of being a family business with that personal touch with our customers,” she said.

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